Video Demonstrations

In these videos you will see the VET-OR1200HD Processor and Light Source being used for the following investigations with Aohua HD Video Endoscopy Range.

These videos will give you a clear indication of the quality of the range which we offer. 

Click on an item above to go to that video, or scroll down. 

Video Consultation

If you want a face-to-face consultation with one of our sales team over video, then please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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Canine Gastroscopy - Dog Pyloric Polyps

Canine Gastroscopy - Hook Removal

Canine Gastroscopy - Bone Removal

Feline Gastroscopy - Coin Removal

Equine Gastroscopy - GI Investigation

Don't Miss Out on a Demonstration!

Advice from all quarters now is to avoid any unnecessary contact with others. However, we are still here to help. This page shows you the range of products we offer and some excellent video demonstrations of the equipment in use.  The equipment being used in these video demonstrations is Aohua Videoendoscopy - High Definition. We sell a range of endoscopes to suit all creatures great and small. Please see the details below.

Everything Covered

Whether you are first-opinion, small animal, equine or ambulatory, a referral centre, hospital, university or small practice, we've got the video endoscope for you to match your budget.

Our complete video endoscopy range covers all sizes of patients from the tiny exotic to the largest horse. 

Modular System

You can start with a processor and build your endoscopy suite from there. Our new processor with video camera attachment allows you to perform flexible video endoscopy and rigid endoscopy. So the processor can form the heart of your operation. Once you have that, you add the full range of video scopes as well as using the camera for rigid endoscopy including arthroscopy, laparoscopy and otoscopy, for example. 

Start off by selecting the processor of your choice and then add the flexible and rigid scopes of your choice. 

Video Processors

There are two to choose from in the Aohua range

The VET-OR1200HD processor - without camera.

The VET-OR1200HDR - with camera. [We suggest this if you are going to also be performing rigid endoscopy or using direct view scopes with the system]

Video Endoscopes

We have everything you need from small-animal bronchoscopes to equine gastroscopes

VET-3512 Small Aminmal Video Bronchoscope

VET-6010HD Small Animal Videoscope

VET-8028HD Video Endoscope - for use in small animal GI work and upper airways in equine. 

VET-9830HD Slim Equine Gastroscope [3 meters]

VET-1335HD Equine Gastroscope [3.5 meters]