VET-9830HD Slim Equine Gastroscope

VET-9830HD Slim Equine Gastroscope

VET-OR1200R Endoscopy video processor and light source with Rigid Camera attachment


VET-1335HD High Definition Video Equine Gastroscope 12.8mm x 3.5m


High Definition Video Equine Gastroscope

The new high definition VET-1335HD Video Equine Gastroscope was designed specifically for equine gastroscopy. It can also be used in similar-sized animals, such as dolphins. The images to the left show the high quality of imaging via the gastroscope. Please watch the videos below to see the endoscope in use.

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The High Definition Video Equine Gastroscope in use

Watch the videos below, then scroll down further for technical details.

Watch the video of this HD equine gastroscope being used at the Royal Veterinary College. The processor has a special feature which enhances the haemoglobin under the surface of the skin. This happens at 7:50 and 8:43 in the video. You can also see a number of snapshot images taken during the investigation by clicking through the images above. 

Watch the system being used at the Royal Veterinary College:

Technical details

The new high definition VET-1335HD Video Endoscope was designed specifically with equine veterinarians in mind. It has a 12.8mm diameter insertion tube and a working length of 3.5m, ideal for equine gastroscopy. Built with a 4-way angulation system, this endoscope enables the user to navigate very easily while in patient. It is also fitted with a 2.8mm biopsy channel giving it an incredibly high level of compatibility with existing accessories.

Technical Specifications - 12.8mm outer diameter / 2.8mm biopsy Channel / 3500mm working length / 4 way angulation ; 

Processor - You will need a video processor and light source to use this scope. These are available to buy. 

Kit Supplied with - 1x leak tester / 1x waterbottle / 1x biopsy forceps / 1x cleaning brush / 1x aspiration catheter / spare O-rings 

Suggested Channel Instruments for re-ordering
Reusable Biopsy Forceps / Aspiration Catheter [Sterile] / Aspiration Catheter [Non-Sterile] / Retrieval Basket / Alligator Grasper / Oval Loop Snare / Oesophageal Foreign-Body Forceps

*Service Contract - This scope comes with a free 12-month service contract. 

*Offer valid for UK Mainland, Eire, Northern Ireland & Channel Islands Only.

For a free in-house demonstration, please call 01702 460310 - option 3 or email

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