C02 Insufflator for use during laparoscopy

C02 Insufflator for use during laparoscopy

VESCO Vessel Sealer and Diathermy

The Vesco Vessel Sealer & Diathermy. This electrosurgical unit features monopolar & bipolar diathermy and is also a vessel sealer.
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Vesco Vessel Sealer & Diathermy

This electrosurgical unit features monopolar & bipolar diathermy and vessel sealing. 

General Features

  • Advanced Electro Surgical Generator / Electro Cautery / Electro Diathermy with standard Monopolar and Bipolar outputs and other most advanced functions / Modes like Vessel Sealing, EndoCut in a single unit.
  • Can Seal up to 7mm Vessels, and average sealing time is 4 Sec.
  • 99 User settable profiles stores all user preferences like Mode, Power etc.
  • Isolated Monopolar & Bipolar outputs
  • Individual Digital display for program, Ligate, Monopolar & Bipolar
  • Built-in stabilizer
  • Auto stop Monopolar Coagulation
  • Auto start, Auto stop Coagulation in bipolar
  • Patient Plate, HF Leakage, RF activation etc. are monitored in real time for maximum patient safety
  • Simultaneous coagulation facility in monopolar
  • User settable maximum RF activation timeout limit
  • Adaptive patient plate contact quality monitor for maximum patient safety
  • Digital volume control and audible & visual alarm
  • Randomized spray ON/OFF control in monopolar coagulation
  • Suitable for all underwater, Laparoscopic & open surgeries
  • Works on Generator, Inverter & UPS


Urology - Gynecology - Hysterectomy Surgery - Thoracic Surgery - Gastroenterology - Cardiac Surgery - General Surgery

99 User Settings

There are 99 memory locations and surgeons can easily store & access the modes' setting just by selecting the programme number. It gives freedom to save different settings for different types of surgeries.

Vessel Sealing

Alan's Vessel Sealing system is equipped with real-time tissue feedback technology and audio power control to seal the Vessel effectively. Multiple microcontrollers supervision for tissue impedance and power delivery enables our vessel sealing system to maintain the consistency and reliability across the sealed area.

- Ligated (Sealing completed)
- Instrument open
- Instrument short
- Regrasp (Repeat sealing cycling for non-sealed vessels) etc.

General Technical Specification

  • 1 Ligate (Vessel Seal) 
  • 2 Monopolar
  • 1 Bipolar
  • Maximum Power output 400 watts
  • EndoCut
  • Randomized Spray
  • Auto Start and Auto Stop in Bipolar 
  • Auto Stop in Monopolar Coagulation
  • Simultaneous Coagulation
  • Adaptive Patient Plate Contact Quality Monitor
  • 98 PER
  • Defibrillator Proof Output (CF)
  • Less than 6 Kg (portable)

Features & Functions

Monopolar Cut
  • Pure Cut
  • Low Cut
  • Blend
  • EndoCut
Monopolar Coag
  • Spray
  • Fulgurate
  • Desiccate
  • Soft
  • Auto Desiccate
  • Auto Soft
  • Cut
  • Force
  • Micro
  • Auto Stop
  • Auto Start and Stop
Vessel Sealing
  • Ligation


Scalcut is a special cut mode designed to dissect the tissues. It works similarly to a harmonic scalpel but with RF energy.
Using this mode, surgeons can cut/dissect consistently and quickly. The efficacy remains consistent and gives the surgeons convenience, speed, and safety throughout the surgery.

  • Can seal up to 7mm vessel in diameter and tissue bundles
  • Seal can withstand up to 3 times normal systolic blood pressure
  • 5 different ligation levels
  • 2 different ligation levels for faster sealing cycle
  • Faster sealing cylce with less thermal spread, results in faster post-surgery recovery
  • Works with all sealing instruments such as 5mm, 10mm etc
  • Bipolar output on ligate port
  • Discontinues the energy delivery with acoustic tone sensing the completion of seal cycle. 
  • Automatic timeout function wards the surgeon about longer activation of the electrosurgical generator

Included with Unit

  • Footswitch
  • Autoclavable sealer-divider handpiece
  • Disposable patient plate
  • Diathermy cables
  • Monopolar forceps
  • Switching pencil
  • Electrodes

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