Gbox 15W Mini Surgical and Therapeutic Diode Laser

Gbox 15W Mini Surgical and Therapeutic Diode Laser

VELAS [TM] Surgical Diode Laser System


The VELAS Surgical Diode Laser System is the most stable system produced so far, with advanced and proven techniques, high quality and good performance, many professionals appreciate the cheap price and the quality.

Compared with the traditional treatment, it is called new 'laser scalpel', because of minimal invasive procedures, less pain and low bleeding.

A therapy handpiece is also available for this unit at extra cost. 

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The VELAS series from GIGAA LASER can be used for surgical and therapeutic applications.  Surgical applications require a technology that offers equally effective ablation and coagulation options. The VELAS series will offer you the wavelength options of 810nm, 940nm, 980nm and 1470nm, so that you could choose a laser which suits your need best.

Package Includes

  • VELAS 30w or 60w laser and power
  • laser handpiece and directional tips
  • 2 laser fibers
  • 1 Foot Switch
  • 2 pairs of goggles

Therapeutic Hand-piece - additional

The hand-piece for therapeutic applications is not included in the price but can be purchased seperately. 

Applications - Small Animal

In recent times, diode lasers have become the laser of choice due to their small size, increased versatility and easy maintenance. At the highest settings the GIGAA Diode Lasers are easy to use as scalpels for everyday surgical procedures. The accuracy of the laser beam targets and vaporizes the pigmented cellular structures in soft tissue. At low wattage, the lasers can be used for therapeutic procedures to promote healing, pain control, inflammation and infection.

The benefits of laser scalpels include a greater precision, reduction of bleeding via instantaneous cauterization of wounds, and faster healing for the patient.

Feline Therapy
Acupuncture • Bladder Infection • Burns • Degenerative Joint Disease • Dermatology Infection • Intervertebral Disc Disease • Kidney Disease • Neurological • Orthopedic Rehab • Post Injury - Extremity • Post Injury - Trunk • Soft Tissue Rehab • Trauma - Edema/Congestion

Canine Therapy
Acupuncture • Arthritis - Extremity • Burns • Hip Dysplasia • Intervertebral Disc Disease • Lick Granuloma • Neurological • Orthopedic Rehab • Otitis Externa - Infection • Post Injury - Extremity • Post Injury - Trunk • Soft Tissue Rehab • Trauma - Edema/Congestion

Applications - Equine

Acupuncture • Back Soreness • Burns • Dermatitis Conditions • EIPH • Founder - Hoof • Muscle Recovery • Navicular • Neurological • Post Injury - Extremity • Post Injury - Trunk • Stress Fracture • Suspensory Injury •

Soft Tissue Injuries
Tendonitis • Tenosynovitis • Bowed Tendons • Suspensory Disorders • Inferior Check Ligament Desmitis • Bucked Shins • Superior Check Ligament Strain • Tarsal Plantar Desmitis (Curb) • Stringhalt • Capped Hocks • Myositis • Wound Healing

Joint Related Injuries
Arthritis • Epiphysitis • Carpitis • Fractures • Splints • Bone_Spavin • Trochanteric • Bursitis • Ringbone • Tarsitis • Stifle Disorders

Neck, Back and Vertebral Column
Hunter's Bumps • Subluxations of the Sacroiliac Joint • Cervical Musculature • Thoracolumbar Musculature

Laminitis • Navicular Syndrome

Surgical Applications

Laser Scalpel • Cauterize • Cutting • Declaw • Soft Incision •

Technical Specification

Laser type GaAlAs diode laser
Model VELASⅡ-30B
Wavelength 980nm±10nm
Output power 1-30W
Operation mode CW and Frequency Repeat Variable Pulse
Pulse width 25μs-10s
Pulse repetition rate 1Hz-20KHz
Application systems Fiber core diameter ≥200μm NA ≥0.22 With SMA905 connector Before use must sterile CE Marking
Transmission system Fibers of 400μm, 600μm and 1000μm with SMA905 connector Non-contact: fibers and tips
Aiming beam Diode laser of 635nm, power < 5mW, adjustable brightness.
Operation interface Colour LCD touch screen
Power supply 110/220VAC, 5A, 50/60Hz
Laser Class 4
Safety classification ClassⅠType B
Cooling Air
FUSE T 250V 5A
Dimensions 8.5″(W)*9.6″(L)*12.4″(H)
Weight 8 lbs
Waterproof level IPX1
Footswitch Waterproof level IPX8
Safety Compliance CE 0197

Surgical Applications

Laser Scalpel • Cauterize • Cutting • Declaw • Soft Incision •


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