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MVE-9215 Ambulatory Video Endoscope

HV-11VP 10

HV-11VP 10" Monitor and Processor for Seesheen Scopes

VMF-E11S Video Bronchoscope


Seesheen VMF-E11S Portable Veterinary Video Bronchoscope for Small Animals

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VMF-E11S Video Bronchoscope


VMF-E11S Portable Veterinary Video Bronchoscope for Small Animals   

Super Slim Bronchoscope VMF-E11S Features Portable design:

All in one touch screen image processor, CMOS+LED Chip-on-Tip Technology

4-Way Deflection: Up, Down, Left, and Right Excellent Manipulation:

Multi function buttons on control head for Zoom/Capture/Record/Freeze

Video Cable with 120° rotation

  • Insertion tube: 3.8mm
  • Working channel: 1.5mm
  • Bending angle(up/down): U180°/ D130°
  • Rotation(left/right): L120°/R120°
  • Working Length: 1000mm
  • Depth of View: 3 - 200
  • Suitable image processor: HV-50, HV-11VP
Ships with 4" screen which can be upgraded to the larger and higher resolution 10" HV-11VP


Suitable for performing routine bronchoscopy, rhinoscopy and postrhinoscopy in cats and small/medium dogs.

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