Video Guides & PDF Downloads

On this page you can watch a video to learn how to set up and clean your equipment, or download a pdf guide. 

If you have any further quetions, don't hesitate to call one of our Technicians on 01702 460310 Option 3. 

Setting up a Processor & Laptop

A pdf guiding you how to set up your processor with a laptop, camera and monitor can be downloaded here. . 

Setting a Processor, Monitor & Camera

Download Our Cleaning Guide

High Resolution / Low Resolution / Epub

Decontamination Sheet

Please download this sheet and fill it out before sending a scope in for service or repair. 


Below you will find a number of video tutorials that may be very useful to you. Please keep checking back as we're adding more and more videos. If you need any refresher training or in-house CPD, please email

How to Deep Clean an Aohua Video Endoscope

How to Leak-Test a Fibrescope

Identifying Your Endoscope

Cleaning an SD Video Endosocpe [Pre-HD system]

Leak-Testing an SD Video Endoscope [Pre-HD System]

Pressure testing a BXEFV14 prior to use

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