HD Endoscopy

HD Endoscopy

We are proud to announce the launch of our new HD Endoscopy Range.

Watch the video of our new HD Equine Gastroscope being used:

Our new system also offers an amazing new feature - HbE - our haemoglobin enhancement filter. Find out more below. 

Watch the system being used at the Royal Veterinary College

Range of Endoscopes

With the extended length and sleek design, Aohua multipurpose veterinary endoscopes are ideal for numerous companion animal and large animal applications. We are launching HD endoscopes for use in canine, feline, equine and exotic. 




Video Processor and Light Source


About Aohua

Aohua Endoscopy Co., Ltd. was originally incorporated in 1994, a globally-renowned medical endoscope manufacturing company with products consisting of video endoscopy system, endoscopy peripheral equipment, endoscopic diagnosis and treatment device etc. Aohua’s mission is to take the lead in endoscopic technology innovation and push forward the technological progress of endoscopic diagnosis and treatment technology.

To date, more than 10,000 hospitals around the world are using Aohua endoscopy equipment. It is precisely because of the existence of Aohua who is providing abundant, easy to use and affordable endoscopic products and services that thousands of hospitals can carry out endoscopic diagnosis and treatment services. Aohua now provides end-to-end solution and service to end-users with digestive endoscopy equipment, endoscopic diagnosis and treatment consumables, surgical endoscopy products and peripheral devices.

HbE Haemoglobin Enhancement Filter

Haemoglobin Enhancement Filter

The powerful upgraded HbE function can better highlight the haemoglobin in the blood and has an obvious, invigorating effect on the possible blood-flow direction in diseased tissue. 

HD Image Display

HD Endosocpy


With a high-resolution image sensor, and introducing digital image processing technology, it can protect the endoscopic colour and present the most high-quality images as seen below. 

Image processing

The brand-new Motus 3.0 image processing platform

USB capture

High data processing capacity
Higher data processing capacity, compared to 2.0 platform, it has more than 10 times computing power, 5 times memory bandwidth and 8 times memory capacity, all this makes it possible to easily process real-time image data with higher resolution and more computing power.

USB Function

The USB interface on the processor can be used to store video and still images using a USB stick. 

Full digital image processing

Fully digital image processing, it has enhanced the image signal’s SNR and reliability compare to 2.0 platform due to the deletion of the A/D process; Motus 3.0 platform features a brand-new image sensor with higher image resolution, lower power consumption, and better photo-sensibility.

A variety of interfaces
The Motus 3.0 platform provides a variety of interfaces to facilitate connections with different equipment in an operating room with USB, easy to keep images and videos.

Feline Endoscopy

Canine Endoscopy

Equine Endoscopy

Dolphin endoscopy

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