HD Endoscopy

Total HD Solutions

Our new system is now the keystone of all your endoscopy needs.

Start with the processor. Add the camera - and you are set.

You can now perform all the flexible and rigid endoscopy you need with our range of new scopes from small animal bronchoscopy to equine gastroscopy.

The camera will allow you to perform laparoscopy, arthroscopy - any rigid endoscopy! 

All in HD, all recorded. Look no further. 

HbE Haemoglobin Filter

We are proud to announce the launch of our new HD Endoscopy Range.

Watch the video of our new HD Equine Gastroscope being used:

Our new system also offers an amazing new feature - HbE - our haemoglobin enhancement filter. Find out more below. 

Watch the system being used at the Royal Veterinary College

Range of Video Endoscopes

With the extended length and sleek design, Aohua multipurpose veterinary endoscopes are ideal for numerous companion animal and large animal applications. We are launching HD endoscopes for use in canine, feline, equine and exotic. 

VET-3512-HD - coming soon

VET-6010-HD - coming soon

VET-8015HD - available now

VET-9215HD - available now

VET-1335HD - availalbe now

Video Processor and Light Source


HbE Haemoglobin Enhancement Filter

Haemoglobin Enhancement Filter

The powerful upgraded HbE function can better highlight the haemoglobin in the blood and has an obvious, invigorating effect on the possible blood-flow direction in diseased tissue. 

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