Equine Dental Endoscope

Equine Dental Endoscope

Equine Dental Endoscopy Video System - Wireless

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Wireless Equine Dental Endoscopy Video System

The Wireless Camera Package Endoscope comes with Firefly wireless camera system Focus is superb and fixed. A wide depth of field allows for minimal adjustment being needed to get crystal clear images.

Fine tuning using the built in focus on the camera endo-coupler completes the digital imaging system. This 70 degree distal tip and working tube has been developed specifically to protect the endoscope during use. The 14mm diameter working tube is fully enclosed in thick walled, strong high quality stainless steel for protected use.

The light bundle is of very high quality and transmits more than enough light to allow the use of the latest powerful stick handle LED light source we supply with the endoscope. Light post adapters to suit most endoscopy light cables are included in the care pack. We use a standard endoscopy eyepiece so that you may use your current video camera system if you wish.

We also include a storage/soaking case. Specification Dental Endoscope 14mm diameter x 400mm working tube length x 70 degree view (also available in 8mm diameter) Huger LED light stick and charger Soak/storage box.

Package includes:

  • Dental Equine Telescope
  • Portable Light Source


  • Laptop with recording software and USB footswitch. 

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