Picking equipment from a catalogue or a website can be quite a challenge. We recommend a visit to your practice where you can sample any of our proucts and discuss your needs with one of our qualified staff.

Customer Service

We pride ourselves on our Customer Service, providing support before and after the sale. With each endoscope purchase we offer a free 12-month service contract [in the UK mainland only] which gives you peace-of-mind and unparalleled support in your first year with us. Customers are free to call our technicians for advice and support and take advantage of our in-house training. 

No Pressure

Our sales staff have years of experience in supplying equipment to veterinary professionals.

None of our sales team receive commission, so you can be sure that the advice and help you receive during sales consultations comes from our desire to give you the best possible service and care. 


To arrange an equipment demonstration please email