Mindray iMEC 8VET

Mindray iMEC 8Vet Multi-Parameter Patient Monitor

Mindray BeneHeart R3 ECG

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The Mindray BeneHeart R3 provides reliable analysis, has a clear display, is easy to use and very portable.

The Mindray BeneHeart R3 Electrocardiograph

Reliable Analysis
BeneHeart R3 utilizes the University of Glasgow ECG analysis algorithm, one of the world-leading resting ECG interpretations with 40 years of history. The Glasgow algorithm is the first to be based on specific variables, including age, gender, race, medication, and class in order to maximize the accuracy of the ECG interpretation. 

On the report, a headline may highlight one of several “critical value warnings” to alert medical attendants of findings that need immediate attention.

Clear Display
5-inch color screen offers the highest resolution in industry, enabling clinicians to observe real-time waveforms accurately.

Great Portability
The BeneHeart R3 weighs only 1.2kg with battery, easy to carry.

Convenient Operation
ECG recording is automatically unfolded on the writing pad on top of the machine for notes or signature.

Unique Recorder
Compatible with both rolling paper and Z-fold paper, you can easily switch between these two styles of paper without dismantling the pressure lever.